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Looks can be deceiving...

While outwardly simple, belt drives on CRAC units are not as simple as they appear. Some problems include:

  • Tendency to slip and to produce contaminating black rubber dust
  • Short center distances with high belt flex rate leads to premature belt failure
  • Drives are hard to access for maintenance
  • Very time-consuming to re-tension rubber belts correctly
  • Frequently operating above normal design temperatures for V-belts

PowerTwist PlusPowerTwist Plus V-Belts & SuperTLink Wedge Belts

SuperTLinkClimate control system downtime is just not an option!

PowerTwist Plus V-belts on Centrifugal Fan
  • Increased air flow! Reduced belt slip increases air-flow and allows your CRAC units to run at optimum designed efficiency levels from the outset.
  • Lasts longer than rubber V-belts! Made from a composite polyester/polyurethane material that delivers industry standard horsepower ratings. Plus, their unique construction is extremely resistant to flex fatigue.
  • Elevated temperatures? No problem! No loss in performance at extreme temperatures -- from -40°C to 116°C (-40°F to 240°F).
  • Fast, easy installation! Make ANY length by hand in seconds on-site then simply roll it on like a bicycle chain. No need to move motors around!
  • Easy to re-tension! Simply roll it off the drive, remove a link, and roll it back on.
  • Reduced dusting! No more black rubber V-belt dust, whose carbon black can short out electrical connections and is extremely difficult to filters last longer!

T-MaxT-Max V-Belt Drive Tensioners

As a factory installed option or an after-market accessory, T-Max Tensioners automatically take the slip out of your belt driven climate control system.

T-Max RT3001 Tensioner on a Centrifugal Fan


  • Reduce maintenance costs!  Cut down operating and component replacement costs due to premature belt failure.  Also reduce system downtime due to periodic belt re-tensioning.
  • Reduce “ladder time”!  Less maintenance calls leads to less trips to the roof to work on the system.
  • Reduce system noise!  No more squealing through your system upon startup.  Eliminate noise created by vibrations from loose belts.
  • Increase energy efficiency!  Rotary spring loaded design maintains correct drive belt tension automatically, eliminating slip and torque losses associated with loose fitting V-belts.
  • Easy belt installation!  Allows V-belt to be installed without tools and without moving drive components.

Peak unit performance...

Install these upgrades from Fenner Drives today and you'll immediately start seeing:

  • Improved CRAC unit operating efficiency
  • Improved air flow and therefore improved temperature control
  • Increased CRAC unit reliability and up-time
  • Reduced maintenance costs associated with service time
  • Longer belt life


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