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Eagle Poly-V™

Eagle Poly-V™

Eagle Poly-V belts are part of a complete belt portfolio for Distribution and Fulfillment Centers.

Eagle Poly-VEagle Poly-V belts are PJ-profile belts designed specifically for roller conveyor applications. Made from polyurethane with elastic reinforcement, Eagle Poly-V belts provide the same load capacity as conventional rubber PJ belts with several additional benefits:

  • Abrasion-resistant polyurethane leads to longer belt life and increased performance in curves
  • High-friction polyurethane decreases the running tension required, which reduces belt fatigue, prolonging belt life
  • Oil, grease, and chemical-resistance leads to longer belt life
  • Readily available wherever you buy Eagle O-rings with 36 standard sizes

Proven Success

Fenner Drives has tested this material with great success. But don’t take our word for it. Click here to check out the Success Story.

Another part of our Distribution Center and Fulfillment Center belt portfolio includes our Eagle High Tension (HT) O-rings and our Eagle High Elastic, High Tension (HEHT) O-rings.

Eagle HT belts are available in Translucent Blue (3/16” cross-section) and Translucent Red (.210” cross-section).

Eagle HEHT belts are available in Opaque Green (3/16” cross-section) and Black (.216” or 5.5mm cross-section).

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