NinjaTek 3D Printing Materials

NinjaTek 3D Printing Filaments

NinjaTek offers a variety of quality, high performance 3D printing filaments, developed with over 50 years of industrial extrusion experience. We provide comprehensive technical & performance data, printing guidelines and user reviews for each of their materials, to assist you in finding the solution that suites your printing needs.

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      Performance Comparison Chart
      Our product comparison chart offers a “good / better / best” rating system for comparing key performance points, This chart was designed to help users choose which product is best suited for their application.

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      Product Tech Specs
      This Tech Spec chart is designed to provide a detailed snapshot comparing each of NinjaTek product’s performance measurements. Individual product technical data sheets are available for download on product pages.

      Compare Filaments - Tech Specs
      Compare Filaments - Tech Specs
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