First impressions are important. Your customer doesn’t see your product first, they see your product’s packaging. The packaging then entices your customer to buy your product. Fenner Drives can’t help you design your packaging but we can design solutions for your packaging machine applications!

Our extensive line of products, such as Trantorque OE, Eagle Endless Belting, T-Max Belt & Chain Tensioners, and our PowerTwist Plus V-Belts all have proven track records of decreasing maintenance downtime and improving efficiency. Maintenance downtime is necessary, but can be costly for you. Let us help you minimize your maintenance time!

Here at Fenner Drives, our mission is to provide innovative products to solve your problems. An inefficient packaging machine is a problem, and we are here to solve it!  At Fenner Drives, we’re committed to providing innovative products that will help make your job easier!

Fenner Drives is your source for Design Solutions for your Packaging Machine Applications!

TrantorqueTrantorque OE Keyless Bushings

Dry, wet, dusty, dirty, clean… our keyless bushings can handle every custom packaging environment!

Trantorque OE Keyless Bushing Mounts Spindle to Shaft
  • Ideal for mounting servo motors, timing pulleys, belt and chain sprockets, gears, cams, and more in precision packaging applications.
  • Compact, light-weight design with minimized ID/OD relationship for mounting smaller components in confined spaces.
  • A single locking nut for easy on/off installation and minimized downtime.
  • Precise axial and radial positioning for mounting critical drive components.
  • Resists shock and torque reversals eliminating key wallow and fretting corrosion.
  • Can be mounted directly over existing keyways.

EagleEagle Endless Belting

From printing, gluing, folding, assembly and shrink wrap processes to conveying, Fenner Drives Eagle Belting will deliver!

Eagle Orange 85 T-top on Conveyor Moving Furniture Panels

The most comprehensive line of high quality non-reinforced products in the industry.

  • FDA Compliant—Direct food contacts? No problem!  We offer a full range of FDA compliant materials to handle your food processing applications.
  • Eagle Orange 85—The Original Orange Belt!  The everyday, industry-leading workhorse; you’ve seen it everywhere, we offer the original!
  • Eagle Green 89T—Offers a rough surface providing a lower coefficient of friction.
  • Eagle Hyfen CXF—Coextruded top provides extra grip and will not delaminate! Perfect for use on bottling lines.
  • Eagle Can Cable—Provides a light-weight, high strength alternative to nylon coated steel cable on canning lines. It offers fast, easy installation and is available in 5 different styles.
  • Eagle Freestyle Cordless Welder—Belt welding in the palm of your hand!  You have the freedom to obtain a high quality weld wherever you need a fix, regardless of electricity availability.

T-MaxT-Max Belt & Chain Tensioners

Take the slack out of your packaging lines… automatically!

  • Increase efficiency by achieving optimum drive performance—extending the life of drive components.
  • Reduce belt and chain whip on long center drives and ensure drive components do not snag obstructions.
  • Reduce resonant frequency of chain drives.
  • Reduce system downtime due to periodic retensioning.

PowerTwist Plus Tango High Performance Conveyor Belting

Tango Conveyor Belting on Corrugated Conveyor

Keep your products moving! With a twist of the wrist, quickly and permanently replaces endless belting on time critical packaging lines.

  • No welding required—belts are easily made to the required length by hand in seconds and rolled onto the drive, no tools required!
  • Water in wash-down applications? No problem! Also high resistance to extreme temperatures, steam, oil, grease, and many common solvents.
  • Permanent replacement—extremely high strength and low stretch with the same load bearing characteristics as conventional urethane and rubber belting.
  • PowerTwist SuperGrip Top—high-grip top surface for superior conveying capabilities.
  • PowerTwist Friction Top—featuring a top layer of 85A polyurethane engineered onto each link, offers a high coefficient for extra grip.

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Packaging Solutions

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