RotoShield GTL




RotoShield Gearbox Torque Limiters protect your most expensive machine components from destructive torque overloads. Mounted between the motor and the gearbox, this safety device instantly disengages components before damage occurs.

Protect your components

  • Instantly disengages components before damage occurs

Keep Downtime to a Minimum

  • Built in sensor instantly alerts operator when unit disengages
  • Unit automatically resets after 360° rotation

Fast, Easy Installation

  • RotoShield bolts directly to the motor and gearbox
  • No machining or design work required
  • Add at any time to new or existing equipment
Unit Construction
  • Ball Detent style
  • Housing: Standard - Zinc plated steel - Electroless Nickel available for caustic wash-down applications
  • Torque Limiter: Machined Steel
  • Integrated sensor: Inductive Proximity Sensor

RotoShield is available for NEMA and IEC motors. All units are IP67 rated.

RotoShield Part Number Chart

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