Fenner Precision Polymers Employee Spotlight - Chad Enck

Title: Engineering Manager (35 years)

With an illustrious career spanning 35 years at Fenner Precision Polymers, Chad Enck is the model of dedication, leadership, and innovation. As an Engineering Manager, his primary responsibility is leading a team of engineers to execute capital project initiatives, continuous improvement (CI) goals, and maintenance support objectives. It’s pivotal in shaping the company’s engineering strategies and the ongoing pursuit of world class operations.

Chad’s passion for his work is evident when he discusses the engineering team's development. He takes immense pride in the progress made establishing standardized work processes around capital and CI projects. It has streamlined operations, leading to more efficient project execution and consistent improvements. Chad is particularly grateful to be part of a team committed to enhancing processes daily. He feels fortunate to have a stable team with minimal turnover, which fosters better collaboration and allows team members to leverage each other’s strengths.

Under Chad’s leadership, Fenner has experienced significant growth and success. One of the most notable shifts over the past five years has been the adoption of a more formal CI program. This initiative, spearheaded by Chad, has flourished, with over 40 improvement projects implemented annually. The collaborative efforts of various departments, including Operations, Supply Chain, IT, and others, are instrumental in driving these projects. Chad is especially proud of the fact that over 30 individuals at Fenner have achieved Lean Certification, and several more have obtained Six Sigma Yellow, Green, or Black Belt certifications. Under Chad's guidance, this commitment to professional development and process improvement significantly enhances the company’s operational efficiency.

Chad credits Fenner leadership’s commitment to CI and recognizes the value it brings to the organization. He is greatly appreciative of the Industrial Engineers. Their efforts in driving immediate improvements and identifying opportunities for future CI projects have been invaluable. Chad also appreciates the support from fellow managers who have been instrumental in promoting CI within their respective teams. The cultural shift towards embracing change is evident, with associates actively seeking CI improvements for their work areas.

Beyond his professional achievements, Chad has a rich personal life. He has been married to his wife, Mary (Chrissie), for 34 years. Together, they have built a fulfilling life and are blessed with three sons: Dillan, Nathan, and Caleb. Dillan, married to Samantha, recently welcomed their first child, a son named Elias. Nathan, married to Alanna, has a daughter named Rosalie, who will soon turn one. Caleb, the youngest, is busy renovating his first home and enjoys fly fishing and archery hunting. These hobbies are a significant part of the family’s life, and they often spend time at their cabin in Bedford County, PA, where everyone, including Chad’s wife and daughters-in-law, enjoys fly fishing. They all look forward to teaching these skills to their grandchildren one day.

Chad’s involvement in his community has been extensive. He coached football and wrestling at Manheim Central for many years and served several terms on the Manheim Borough Council. His council experience gave him valuable insights into local government operations. Looking ahead, Chad is excited about being a grandfather and envisions future volunteer work related to wildlife conservation and habitat development.

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