Fenner Precision Polymers Employee Spotlight - Justin Zhang

Title: Technical Project Supervisor (12 years)

Anticipating Need and Exceeding Expectations

Justin Zhang, Technical Project Supervisor, has dedicated over a decade of his professional life to Dawson Polymer Products, part of the Fenner Precision Polymers family, where he has consistently exhibited a commitment to excellence in various capacities: · Product Application and Technical Support: Justin ensures customers receive technical support swiftly, efficiently, and with the utmost professionalism. ·

  • Product Quotation: He skillfully assesses customer needs to provide accurate and competitive product quotes.
  • New Product Development: His communication with customers is key as he collaborates to design innovative products that fulfill market requirements.
  • Tooling Design: Justin's proficiency in tooling design is pivotal in driving production processes forward.
  • Management: A strong leader, he efficiently orchestrates projects to meet and exceed objectives.

In his role, customer collaboration is at the forefront of his responsibilities. Justin thrives on working side by side with clients to convert their concepts into tangible products, making sure their needs are met with precision and care. He is also adept at providing insightful feedback, helping to refine and enhance customer prototypes. His technical expertise often leads to proposing practical deviations on drawings to ensure the products are not only visionary but manufacturable.

Justin’s ongoing communication with sales and quality personnel is vital, keeping him in the loop with the latest product trends and applications, which also empowers him to address technical inquiries promptly, thereby guaranteeing customer satisfaction. He constantly anticipates customer needs and proactively works to deliver beyond expectations.

Outside of his professional life, Justin is a dedicated family man. His wife is the cornerstone of their home, deftly managing both the household and the care of their two children, a son who is tackling the rigors of senior middle school and a daughter delighting in the discoveries of kindergarten. Justin himself takes an active role in his children's education, frequently stepping in as a tutor and valuing every moment he can contribute to their development. Despite his busy schedule, Justin still manages to carve out some time for personal well-being, with a particular emphasis on exercise, recognizing the importance of physical fitness. Additionally, he always seeks to reserve quality time for his family, making sure he fully participates in their lives.


Customer Care

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