Agricultural Equipment

Industry: Agriculture
Application: Farm Equipment

Problem: Harvesting time is a critical time for farmers. Crops have a small window of time to be harvested. Since crops can spoil very quickly, farmers cannot afford the hours of maintenance involved when their traditional rubber V-belt fails. Long wait times for finding the right belts and installing those belts are of critical importance to the agricultural industry.

Solution:  PowerTwist is the quick “in-field” answer for this critical problem.  Fenner Drives PowerTwist V-Belts provide easy installation while never having to dismantle your drive.  These high performance composite V-belts are a permanent replacement for conventional rubber V-belts and have the same horsepower ratings.

  • Easy installation without dismantling drive- no tools required!
  • Unaffected by oil, diesel fuel, water, steam, and common agricultural chemicals
  • High resistance to abrasion and shock loading
  • Run in all standard V-belt pulleys

Available in 3L, Z/10, A/13/4L, B/17/5L, C/22, and D/32 sections

PowerTwist Plus

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