Commercial Marine

Industry: Commercial Marine
Application: Engine Accessory Drive System

Problem:   Sea air and salt water may be healthy for humans, but when you combine the marine environment with the oil and heat in the engine room, the result is often early failure for rubber V-belts on auxiliary drives.  Making matters worse, it takes a lot of time and effort to disassemble prop shafts and other drive components to install endless belts.

Solution:   Fortunately, Fenner Drives has a simple solution- POWERTWIST V-belt!  The polyurethane/polyester composite is unaffected by extreme temperatures, water, steam, diesel fuel, oil, and grease, to name a few.  POWERTWIST is a permanent drop-in replacement and maintains the same horsepower rating as a conventional rubber V-belt.  Because of their resistance to extreme conditions, you will not need to replace your V-belt as often, but when you switch out your rubber V-belt with Fenner Drives POWERTWIST V-belt, it is a simple installation- no tools required! 

Available in Z/10,3L, A/13/4L, B/17/5L, C/22 and D/32 sections.

PowerTwist Plus

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