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Fenner Drives

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Fenner Drives designs, manufactures and sells an extensive range of customized solutions for power transmission, motion transfer, and conveying applications.

With over 200 employees and ISO 9001 certified production facilities in Manheim, PA and Wilmington, NC, we have a wealth of manufacturing, technical and commercial expertise.

Fenner Drives customers reflect a balance between OEM’s, users and distributors that provides resiliency throughout the economic cycle. Products with high market brand recognition are sold worldwide by strategically located Fenner Drives sales teams working closely with international distributor partners. With active new product development programs, we continually strive to develop products and services to meet the changing needs of industry.

Fenner Drives is a division of Fenner PLC. With over 5,500 employees worldwide, Fenner PLC is a world leader in reinforced polymer technology. 

Product Lines

HPC V-Belts T-Max Belt & Chain Tensioners
Keyless Locking Devices PowerMax Pulley Idlers & Sprockets
Eagle Polyurethane Belting Trackstar UHMW Belt & Chain Guides

Key Market Sectors

Building Climate Control Food & Beverage
Mining and Aggregates Ceramic & Roof Tile
Medical Diagnostics Robotics
Fitness Equipment Oils & Gas Exploration
Floor Maintenance Packaging
Truck & Bus Building Products & Wood Processing


Manheim Manufacturing and Belting Company was started in 1911 by three area businessmen as a manufacturer of conveyor belting for agricultural markets.

The company’s Balata natural rubber conveyor belting soon developed a strong regional reputation, leading Manheim to supply flat power transmission belt to general industry. These power transmission belts were used by various railroads to drive the generators of electrified rail cars.

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1911 Manheim Manufacturing and Belting Company is founded by three area businessmen.
1930s The company licenses technology for a patented V-belt, which is marketed as Veelos genuine balata belting.
1970s An engineer is contracted to design what has become Trantorque Keyless Bushing.
1984 Manheim Manufacturing and Belting is purchased by Fenner PLC. The company is now known as Fenner Manheim.
1995 Fenner Manheim purchases Efson Inc.
2002 The Industrial Division acquires Eagle Belting Company.
2006 A company reorganization is completed. Fenner Drives Industrial Division is now known simply as Fenner Drives.
2007 Fenner Drives acquires B-LOC Corporation.
2013 NinjaFlex becomes the first flexible 3D printing filament to hit the market.
2014 Fenner Drives launches a revolutionary new series of B-LOC Keyless Locking Devices called B-LOC Compression Hub.
2015 Fenner Drives launches Tango Conveyor Belting.



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