Keyless Locking Devices

Trantorque B-LOC

Fenner Drives is pleased to present our comprehensive line of Keyless Locking Devices. Only Fenner Drives delivers a product line that offers quick and easy installation with Trantorque plus the design flexibility and extra heavy duty capacity with B-LOC.

Why go keyless?

 Today’s global marketplace demands precise, efficient machines that optimize productivity while minimizing material and fabrication costs. When compared to traditional connection methods, Fenner Drives Keyless Locking Devices offer the following advantages:

  • A mechanical interference fit with a uniform pressure distribution similar to that achieved through a shrink or press fit.
  • A true zero backlash shaft-to-hub connection with none of the operational drawbacks of keyways or splines.
  • The ability to mount on plain shafting, which need not be over-sized to compensate for notch factors. This allows the use of smaller shafts and bearings for more cost effective designs.

Click on one of our product lines for more information, download our Everything KLD brochure, or browse Fenner Drives full range of Keyless Bushings and Specialty Locking Devices.

Trantorque Keyless Bushings B-LOC Keyless Bushings B-LOC WK Couplings B-LOC SPEED
Trantorque Micro B-LOC Shrink Discs B-LOC Compression Hubs  

If you have a complex application, Fenner Drives New Product Development Group is ready to innovate with you through our Made To Order capabilities.


B-LOC SPEED is a new series of keyless locking devices engineered to reduce installation time while maintaining performance. The unique design allows for the same technical capabilities of a standard keyless locking device, but with reduced installation time of up to 60%.

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Tantorque Micro is a patent pending keyless locking solution for small shaft applications that require precision positioning.

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