Eagle Green 63D Reinforced Can Cable

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Eagle Green 63D Reinforced Can Cable 3/8” is made from a premium thermoplastic polyester elastomer reinforced with a high tensile cord to provide maximum performance and a low-cost alternative to steel cables. Packaged in 500' lengths.

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Best Suited For: Horizontal and inclined canning lines where a high coefficient of friction between the cable and can is needed.

Fenner Drives Eagle Can Cable has long provided a high performing, low cost alternative to steel cables on can conveying lines for metal, plastic, and fiber containers. When lines go down, don’t call in the wire splicing team and wait; weld our Can Cables in minutes yourself! Eagle Green 63D Reinforced Can Cable is a low cost, efficient replacement for coated steel cable. Its reinforced polyester construction runs smoother and quieter than nylon coated steel, resists abrasions and cuts, and is easily spliced in the field with Fenner Drives Overlap Weld Kit. No more time-consuming wire splicing!

• High performance, low cost alternative to steel cables
• 63 Shore D durometer
• 100% polyester reinforced with high tensile cord
• Fast installation—zero downtime product
• Easily welded onsite with Overlap Weld Kit
• REACH and RoHS 2002/95/EC Directive compliant

Constructed of premium materials, the Eagle Green 63D Reinforced Can Cable’s smooth surface does not trap dirt and is easily cleaned. Also has a high resistance to general wear, cuts, and chips.

Eagle Green 63D Reinforced Can Cable is available in 3/8” section.

Eagle Green 63D Reinforced Can Cable is easily welded endless in the field with a Fenner Drives Overlap Welding Kit.

  • Profile shape: Round
  • Profile size: 3/8"
  • Reinforcement: Multi Polyester Cord
  • Color: Green
  • Compliancy: REACH, RoHS
  • Durometer: 63D
  • Material: Polyester
  • Special Feature: Can Cable Reinforced
  • Package Length: 500'

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