Cold Forge PowerTwist Cost Savings

is the ideal solution for minimized downtime and longer belt life in power transmission applications.

PowerTwist on Ventilation Fan

Case Study: National Cold Forge Manufacturing Company
Application: Mechanical Stamping Press

Annual Cost Savings: $27,604

  • 98% reduced labor costs
  • 21% reduced operating costs
  • 10x faster installation time
  • Virtually eliminated lost production costs
Problem:   Calculated Cost Savings
  1. There are 15 Stamping presses using rubber V-belts with inconsistent life
    expectancy and often premature failure.
  2. Belt replacement took two full days, requiring extensive disassembly
    of the machine.
  3. Expensive outside contractors were needed for rigging, hoists, and
    machine repair.
  Case Study Chart
Solution: PowerTwist V-belts  
  1. PowerTwist was fitted in place, around existing equipment – no disassembly
    of the presses was required.
  2. Installation time was reduced by 90% and only takes 90 minutes to complete.
  3. The work was quickly performed by in-house employees, reducing downtime
    to near zero and eliminating the need for outside contractors.

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