Eagle SureConnect

Eliminate the need to weld with Eagle SureConnect™

Eagle SureConnect is a patent pending connector and polyurethane belting system that is made to length simply by twisting the threaded connector into the matching belt.

  • Performance you can count on
    Unlike welding, Eagle SureConnect provides a strong, consistent, SURE connection every time. No need to worry about improper welds that can lead to premature belt failure.
  • Simple Installation - Every Time
    Polyurethane belt welding requires training and practice to master. Eagle SureConnect eliminates welding and is made endless in minutes.


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    Image of Eagle Green 89 Textured SureConnect™

    • Profile size: 15mm
    • Profile size: 10mm
    • Profile size: 18mm
    • Profile size: 12mm
    • Color: Green
    • Durometer: 89A

    Image of Eagle Orange 89 SureConnect™

    • Profile shape: Round
    • Profile size: 3/8"
    • Profile size: 1/2"
    • Profile size: 9/16"
    • Profile size: 3/4"
    • Color: Orange
    • Durometer: 89A
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