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Solutions for Glass Manufacturing

Fenner Drives offers unique solutions to meet the demands of the glass manufacturing industry. To minimize rejection rates and ensure that the product stays free of stains and marks, we offer a variety of belts with top surfaces to assist in producing blemish-free products.

Tango Belting Trackstar UHMW Belt Guides PowerTwist Drive Belting Eagle Polyurethane Belting B-LOC and Trantorque Keyless Bushings T-Max Belt & Chain Tensioners



Belt & Chain


PowerTwistPOWERTWIST Move High Performance Conveyor Link Belting

Longer-lasting replacement for endless polyurethane and rubber belts on glass conveying lines.

Tango High Performance Link Belting on a Glass Conveyor
  • Will not mark or stain glass – Leaves glass blemish-free throughout the manufacturing process
  • Reduce line downtime – Quickly make to length by hand; no tools or welding required
  • Longer Belt Life – extremely high strength with high resistance to abrasion and unaffected by extreme temperatures -40°F to +240°F (-40°C to +115°C), water, steam, oil, grease and common industrial solvents
  • No changes in set-up – PT Move Belting drops right into your existing equipment
  • Available in V and round profiles


POWERTWIST Move RCS (Reduced Contact Surface)

Engineered specifically for the glass industry, POWERTWIST Move RCS combines the benefits of PT Move Belting with reduced contact surface area from custom non-marking tabs.

Tango RCS Belting
  • 99% reduction in contact area from standard V belts
  • Custom tab is formed out of special material that will not mark or scuff glass
  • Fast, easy installation
  • Lasts longer than urethane and rubber belts


POWERTWIST Move Bridge Top

Engineered specifically for the glass industry, POWERTWIST Move Bridge Top is supplied with PTFE inserts which act as a high temperature barrier between the product and the underlying belt.

Tango Bridge Top Belting
  • Resistant to contact temperatures up to 450°F (232°C)
  • Custom tabs will not mark or scuff glass
  • Fast, easy installation
  • Lasts longer than urethane and rubber belts


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EagleTrackstar Belt Guides

Long-wearing V and round belt guide fights friction and reduces costs on your glass conveying lines.

Trackstar UHMW Belt Guides with Tango Conveyor Belting on a Tile Conveyor
  • Produced using only the highest quality UHMW-PE material to ensure minimum friction and maximum wear resistance
  • Two-piece guide and channel design simplifies installation and facilitates future replacement of UHMW inserts, while allowing for thermal expansion

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PowerTwistPOWERTWIST Link Belting

The long-lasting upgrade to rubber belts in power transmission glass processing applications.

PowerTwist Belting on Glass Oven
  • Longer belt life – extremely high strength and low elongation under load results in increased belt longevity and durability
  • Fast, easy installation – belts are made to the required length by hand and roll on to the drive without dismantling drive system components
  • Reduce inventory – eliminate the need to purchase and inventory numerous belt lengths
  • Harsh environments – resistant to ammonia, water, oils, grease, common industrial solvents, and extreme temperatures of -40°F to +240°F (-40°C to +116°C)
  • Belt Selection – available in Z/10, 3L, A/13, B/17, C/22, and D32 classical profiles (red) and 3V, 5V, SPZ, SPA, and SPB metric wedge profiles (blue) to cover all of your drives
  • No change in set-up – drops right in to standard pulleys


POWERTWIST Antistatic Belting

Keep dust at bay and ink printing crisp. POWERTWIST Antistatic is 100% ISO 1813:1998 inspected and certified.

PowerTwist Antistatic Belting
  • Ultralow resistance antistatic V-belt
  • Unaffected by humidity levels
  • Doesn’t generate static electricity


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EagleEagle SureConnect

A patent pending connector and polyurethane belting system that is made to length simply by twisting the threaded connector into the matching belt.

Eagle SureConnect - your no weld solution!
  • Performance you can count on – unlike welding, Eagle SureConnect provides a strong, consistent, sure connection every time
  • Simple Installation – Every Time – welding requires training and practice to master; Eagle SureConnect eliminates welding and is made endless in minutes
  • Drop-in Replacement – the performance of Eagle SureConnect allows it to be a drop-in replacement for an equivalent welded belt, making it perfect for most conveying applications
  • Available in Green 89 Textured and Orange 89 Smooth



Eagle Endless Polyurethane Belting

The most comprehensive line of high quality non-reinforced and reinforced products in the industry; including the popular Eagle Orange 85.

Eagle Urethane Endless Belting on Glass Applications
  • Available in a wide variety of profiles and sizes – some of the most common profiles include Round, V, Twin, and Ridge-Top; custom profiles available upon request
  • Eagle Hyfen® 85R and 95R – offers a high strength, low stretch solution, ideal for heavy loads
  • Eagle O-Rings – the perfect choice for live roller conveyor systems
  • Eagle SuperGrip Top – incorporates high-grip top surface available in PVC for soft ultra-grip, and PU for tough abrasive applications
  • Eagle® Green 89 T –  optimal combination of high strength, low stretch, and textured surface
  • Eagle Welding Kits – use a Fenner Drives Overlap or Butt Welding Kit to easily weld endless on site; or for ultimate mobility or when electrical outlets are not convenient, use our hand-held cordless Freestyle Welding Kit


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Trantorque B-LOC B-LOC & Trantorque Keyless Bushings

Dry, wet, dusty, dirty, clean... our keyless bushings can handle every glass processing environment!

Trantorque GT Keyless Bushing on rollers
  • Zero backlash shaft-to-hub connection with none of the operation drawbacks of keyways or set screws
  • Quick, easy installation and removal – greatly reduce downtime
  • Precise axial and radial positioning for mounting critical drive components
  • Resists shock and torque reversals eliminating key wallow and fretting corrosion
  • Can be mounted over existing key shafts


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PowerMax T-Max Belt & Chain Tensioners

Automatically maintain correct belt and chain tension ensuring optimum drive performance.

T-Max Chain Tensioners on a conveying application
  • Constructed of quality materials for proven durability in any environment
  • Reduce system downtime due to periodic re-tensioning
  • Cut down operating and component replacement costs due to premature belt and chain failure
  • Allows belts to be installed without tools or moving drive components
  • Extend the life of critical drive components


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