Eagle XLD O-Rings

Advanced-technology Eagle® XLD O-Rings give you Xtra Life, Xtra Load, and Xtra Savings

Material handling equipment has advanced light years. Today’s conveyors run faster, move more packages, and operate 24x7. They’re computer-controlled, using optical scanners to track parcels.

Yesterday’s O-Rings weren’t designed for the frequent starts and stops or the increased loads and speeds today’s market requires. They simply aren’t up to the task.

Eagle XLD O-Rings are easy to use and readily available in 12 standard sizes, supporting the most common center distances. For more information on Eagle XLD O-Rings, download the information sheet.

Xtra Life
Eagle XLD O-Rings last at least six times longer than traditional O-Rings.

  • Maintains optimal tension throughout the belt’s life (no stretch) while providing an easy install
  • Eliminates downtime and cuts maintenance cost

Xtra Load
Eagle XLD O-Rings provides four times the load capacity than traditional O-Rings.

  • Easily scale up your current conveyors with minimal cost
  • D-shape design optimizes contact patch
  • Higher modulus provides efficient and dynamic load transfer

Xtra Savings
Eagle XLD O-Rings lose less than 1% of their load transfer from roller to roller.

  • Higher loads and greater efficiency through the system
  • Allow for more rollers per motor at higher loads, further reducing costs

Rather than upgrade or rebuild your entire system to use Poly-V belts, you can achieve the loads and longevity you need by using new Eagle XLD O-Rings as a simple, drop-in replacement.

11 sizes to support major center distances:



This product is intended for use within a mechanical system that can create pinch points, which should be properly safeguarded to prevent injury during operation, service, and/or maintenance. This can be achieved through a combination of machine guarding and safe work practices.
For more guidance, consult with your local Occupational Safety and Health regulations.

The Industry’s Broadest Line of Roller Conveyor Belting
The new Eagle XLD O-Rings complement our lineup of cutting-edge power-transmission products, spanning traditional polyurethane O-Rings, Eagle XLD O-Rings, and traditional Poly-V belts.
Find out more about our full line of O-Rings.

Whether you require standard O-Rings, or the high load capability of the Eagle XLD O-Rings, Fenner Drives has you covered.
Connect with the Fenner Drives team to find out how Eagle XLD O-Rings or any of our standard products can address your application needs.


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