PowerMax Custom Solutions

Custom Composite Solutions

Fenner Drives is the industry leader in molded composite solutions for industrial power transmission and material handling applications.

  • Industry leading engineering support to design the best product for your application
  • Cut weeks off lead time with our in-house modular tooling capabilities. We'll construct your product more economically and quickly.
  • We offer a range of engineered composite material to best fit your application requirements.

Source with Confidence!

  • Our 98.9% on-time delivery rate gives customers the confidence to carry less inventory and reduce overhead costs.

Composite material offers:

  • Consistent Strength
  • Corrosive Resistant
  • Light-Weight Units
  • Design Flexibility

Take a look at a few examples of our custom solutions:

Flanged Bearing Assembly
Application: Spindle Assembly for Floor Polisher
Problem: Previous machined aluminum flanged bearing housing was expensive to produce, required additional assembly and was vulnerable to the corrosive environment it was exposed to.
Solution: The composite solution from Fenner Drives was molded as one complete unit with the shaft, bearings and the mounting hardware already installed. The engineered 33% glass nylon composite provided protection from chemical exposure, reduced the unit weight by 3 lb and still met the strength requirements of up to 9,000 lb.
Bowling Ball Return
Application: Bowling Ball Return Wheel
Problem: Aluminum die cast unit required extensive machining, making the unit very expensive to produce
Solution: Fenner Drives provided a molded composite unit, eliminating the need to machine parts and significantly reducing the unit cost. The OEM's shipping costs are lower due to the lower weight units.

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