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The PowerMax line of idler & drive pulleys and sprockets offer superior composite design for years of successful service. They are engineered for use as high-speed idlers on conveyors, packaging equipment, lawn and garden equipment, HVAC units, fitness equipment, floor cleaning machines and in many other power transmission and conveying applications.

V Belt Idlers
Designed for strength and durability to be used with standard A, B and 5V section V-belts in a variety of industrial applications. Radial supporting ribs provides additional belt support and prevents groove deformation. Also available as a single flange idler.

Constructed of wear resistant glass-reinforced nylon and insertion molded ABEC-1 high precision bearings. They are lightweight, quiet, corrosion resistant and never need lubrication.

Flat Belt Idlers
Available for a wide range of standard belt sizes; also suitable for use as back side idlers on V-belts. The molded-in crown helps center the belt and prevent rubbing against flanges.
    Carriage Rollers
Designed for higher loads in low RPM applications with the choice of precision or semi-precision ball bearings for varying load requirements. They are designed to roll smoothly on round rails and offer quiet operation due to molded nylon construction.
Round Belt Idlers
Designed for use with round belts, ropes or cables. The deep uninterrupted groove provides continuous support and eliminates any binding or wedging problems found with steel or cast iron pulleys. Small series pulleys are ideal for
tight-fit applications..
    Mounting Adapters
Versatile mounting adapters simplify the job of assembly and help to reduce overall cost. Made of high quality sintered iron materials, they are press‑fitted in place at the factory so that you only need to handle one component — the “finished” belt idler assembly.

Pillow Blocks
Light weight, corrosion resistant housing with pre-mounted insert bearing for light duty applications. This drop in replacement is available with bore sizes 7/8", 15/16" or 1", and locking methods are available in set screws or eccentric locking collars.


DriveN Pulleys
DriveN Pulleys are designed to directly interchange with industry standard “AK” type pulleys. Insertion molded sintered metal drive hub assures consistent high strength. Available with bore sizes 5/8", 3/4", and 1".

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