Welding Kits & Components

Effective belt welding is critical to obtain full product performance and a requirement for minimizing downtime. Fenner Drives high quality Eagle Welding Kits are the right tool for the job.

Our popular Eagle Butt Welding and Eagle Freestyle Welding Kits, along with many kit replacement parts, are available to purchase online.

If you are interested in ordering our Eagle Overlap Welding Kit or a replacement part that is not currently available online, please contact our Customer Support Department at 800-243-3374 (+44 (0) 870 7577007) or by email and we will be happy to assist you.

In addition, as an alternative to welding we offer Eagle SureConnect...


 Eliminate the need to weld with Eagle SureConnect™

Eagle SureConnect is a patent pending connector and polyurethane belting system that is made to length by simply twisting the threaded connector into the matching belt, providing a strong, consistent, SURE connection in a few simple steps. No more wasting time on questionable welds. Make sure it’s done right, every time with Eagle SureConnect.
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