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Fenner Drives - Working Together To Acheive Goal Zero

Goal_ZeroCore Requirements

  • Conduct our operations in a manner that protects the environment and the health and safety of our associates, our customers, and our neighbours.
  • Comply with all environmental and safety laws, regulations, standards, and permits applicable to our products and operations and implement our own more stringent standards whenever deemed necessary
  • Establish and regularly review environmental and safety objectives and targets to promote continual improvements in our environmental and safety management systems.
  • Seek to prevent accidents, injuries, and illness by identifying and eliminating or minimizing unsafe conditions to the greatest extent feasible by applying "ergonomic principles" and "engineering controls".
  • Apply "pollution prevention" and "design for the environment" principles to cost-effectively reduce the environmental impacts of our manufacturing processes and of our products.
  • Maintain our good neighbour status by providing to our communities relevant information and handling addressing concerns in a timely manner.
  •  Work in partnership with national and local governments and the public in the development of responsible and effective environmental and safety laws, regulations, and standards.

Regulatory Information Center

Zero Environmental Impacts

  • Fenner Drives is committed to minimizing our environmental impact on the environment through the implementation of an environmental management system to control air pollution, hazardous waste material and noise in our manufacturing processes.
  • Fenner Drives is committed to improving energy efficiency in our facilities.
  • Fenner Drives is committed to continuously improving the environmental design of all of our products by reducing the use of environmentally harmful materials.
  • Fenner Drives is committed to go beyond regulatory compliance where possible and practical as we feel it is our social responsibility to preserve the environment for future generations.
  • Fenner Drives is committed to meeting our customer and stakeholder needs.

Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Since July 2006, European Union (EU) Member States have to ensure that any new electrical and electronic equipment placed on the market does not contain any of the six banned substances: lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, poly-brominated biphenyls (PBB) or polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE), in quantities that exceed defined maximum concentration values.

REACH: Regulation (EC) no 1907/2006 The Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals placed in the marketplace. This regulation was enacted to protect human health and the environment from risks associated from the use of certain chemicals. As an article supplier, Fenner Drives is obligated to inform its customers if its products contain Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) in excess of 0.1% by weight. Some of the materials are related to basic technology of plastics and the elimination may impact product design.

California Safe Drinking Water & Toxic Enforcement Act (Proposition 65) (Prop 65) Proposition 65 is a California voter initiative passed in 1986 requiring the Governor to publish a list of chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects and other reproductive harm. Updated quarterly, the list of "Prop 65 chemicals" currently contains over 700 chemical entries. The law states that a warning must be given for a listed chemical unless exposure is low enough to pose no significant risk of cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) have been developed for various products to convey information required by the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) and other regulatory bodies. Fenner Drives' SDS are being updated to meet the new Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of Classification and Labeling. Regulatory information about a specific product is found in the SDS for that product.

Direct Food Contact - Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004 Compliance certification letters for Fenner Drives Eagle EC polyurethane belting product line, meeting the requirements of European Regulation 10/2011 (and in the legislation which it replaces; Commission Directive 2002/72/EC ) within the framework defined by the Regulation 1935/2004/EC (27/10/2004) relating to plastic materials and articles intended to come into direct contact with foodstuffs.

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