Eagle Poly-V™

Eagle® Poly-V

Eagle® Poly-V belts are part of a complete belt portfolio for Distribution and Fulfillment Centers – and more!

Eagle Poly-V belts are made from polyurethane, and are designed to support your performance requirements and outperform conventional rubber poly-v belts. In addition, they have:

Eagle Poly-V

  • Abrasion-resistant polyurethane: Cut the dust found with traditional rubber poly-v belts.
  • High-friction polyurethane: Lower running tension required, reducing belt fatigue.
  • High-performance polyurethane: Slash downtime resulting from belt fatigue, stretching, and failure.
  • Oil-, grease-, and chemical-resistance. Leads to longer belt life.
  • Wide availability. Wherever you buy Eagle O-Rings with 36 standard sizes

And now, we’re expanding our line by adding broader capabilities and custom design solutions to fit every need.

Find out how Eagle Poly-V belts can help you extend belt life, cut downtime, and improve performance. Talk to the Fenner Drives team today.


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