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Looks can be deceiving...

While outwardly simple, belt drives on CRAC units are not as simple as they appear. Some problems include:

  • Tendency to slip and to produce contaminating black rubber dust
  • Short center distances with high belt flex rate leads to premature belt failure
  • Drives are hard to access for maintenance
  • Very time-consuming to re-tension rubber belts correctly
  • Frequently operating above normal design temperatures for V-belts

Count on Fenner Drives, we’ll got the solutions to eliminate these problems and help make your data centers operate efficiently!

Drive Belting Tensioners Pulleys

PowerTwistPOWERTWIST Link Belting

Because cooling system downtime is just not an option; upgrade the performance with PowerTwist Link Belting!

PowerTwist Belting on a Data Center Centrifugal Fan
  • Increased air flow – Reduced belt slip increases air-flow and allows your CRAC units to run at optimum designed efficiency levels from the outset
  • Reduced dusting – No more black rubber V belt dust, whose carbon black can short out electrical connections and is extremely difficult to remove... plus filters last longer!
  • Lasts longer than rubber V belts – extremely high strength and low elongation under load results in increased belt longevity and durability
  • Elevated temperatures? No problem – No loss in performance at extreme temperatures — from -40°F to 240°F (-40°C to 116°C)
  • Fast, easy installation – Easy to use twist-lock design is made to length by hand, great for captive and fixed center drives
  • Reduce inventory – eliminate the need to purchase and inventory numerous belt lengths


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PowerMax T-Max Belt Tensioners

Take the slip out of V belt driven HVAC systems. T-Max spring-loaded tensioners automatically take up the slack – decreasing downtime, reducing operating costs and saving energy.

T-max Tensioner on a Data Center Centrifugal Fan
  • Increase drive efficiency – Rotary spring-loaded design maintains optimum drive belt tension automatically, eliminating slip and torque losses associated with loose fitting V-belts
  • Reduced dusting – Drives running at designed parameters means less dust caused by belt slip
  • Easy belt installation – allows V-belt to be installed without tools or moving drive components
  • Increased air flow – Reduced belt slip increases air-flow and allows your CRAC units to run at optimum designed efficiency levels from the outset
  • Reduce maintenance costs – Cut down component replacement costs due to premature belt failure. Also eliminate system downtime caused by periodic belt re-tensioning


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Eagle PowerMax Pulleys & Idlers

Used where dependability counts the most, high-strength glass-reinforced PowerMax composite pulleys and idlers provide superior durability for your HVAC System.

PowerMax Idler Pulley on a T-Max Tensioner mounted on an HVAC Fan
  • Consistent strength – nylon provides versatile engineered thermoplastics with high temperature and abrasion resistance
  • Energy savings – light-weight composite design means less energy for start-up and run times
  • Corrosion resistant – perfect for applications exposed to elements meaning longer life vs. steel or cast iron
  • Design flexibility – a wide range of engineered composite material to best fit your application requirements
  • Need a custom solution? – In-house modular tooling capabilities and design flexibility by consolidating multiple pieces into one unit


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