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PowerTwist Wedge Belts

What is PowerTwist Link Belting?
PowerTwist is individual links made of high performance polyurethane/polyester composite material.
Links are connected and secured together by hand using a twist-lock design.

Cost Savings you can count on!
PowerTwist Link Belting delivers a lower cost of ownership through:

• Longer Belt Life vs Rubber

PowerTwist is engineered to withstand extreme temperatures -40°F to +240°F (-40°C to +116°C) and is unaffected by oil, grease, water, and common industrial solvents.

• Fast, Easy Installation

Easy to use twist-lock design is made to length by hand and rolled on to the drive without dismantling drive system components.

• Carry Less Inventory

Eliminate the need to purchase and inventory numerous endless belt lengths.

PowerTwist is available in NEW narrow wedge profiles and classical V belts.
Check out the flyer and video below to learn more about the benefits of PowerTwist and available profiles.


Find out how you can save with PowerTwist.
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