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Eagle SureConnect Connectors are a patent pending threaded connector designed specifically for a fast, easy connection with matching Orange 89 or Green 89 T SureConnect belting.
Each pack includes 5 connectors and 1 flat wrench.

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Patent Pending Eagle SureConnect Connectors are engineered specifically for connecting Eagle Green 89 Textured and Eagle Orange 89 SureConnect  polyurethane belting.

Performance you can count on

Unlike welding, Eagle SureConnect provides a strong, consistent, sure connection every time. No need to worry about improper welds that can lead to premature belt failure.

Simple Installation – Every Time

Belt welding requires training and practice to master. Eagle SureConnect eliminates welding and is made endless in minutes.

  • Available Sizes: 3/8"/10mm, 1/2"/12mm, 9/16"/15mm, 3/4"/18mm
  • Material: Alloy Steel with a RoHS compliant Zinc Coating
  • Special Features: 2 Axis Articulated Joint to Maximize Degrees of Freedom
  • Patent Pending

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