B-LOC Shrink Discs

B-LOC LogoThe B-LOC Shrink Disc is an external locking device that provides a high capacity interference fit with all the positive features of conventional interference fits, but
without their assembly and dismounting problems. Fenner Drives B-LOC Shrink Discs offer extremely concentric and well-balanced connections and are ideal for high-speed applications.

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Image of B-LOC Shrink Disc 30-10

  • Series: SD
  • Axial Movement: No
  • Installation Torque: 3.6 ft lb
  • Internal/ External: External
  • Material: Zinc Chromate/Chrome Plated Steel
  • Metric/Inch: Inch
  • Releasing/ Locking: Releasing
  • Screw Size: M5 x 18
  • Self-Centering: Yes
  • Shaft Diameter: .750-.967
  • Taper: Double
  • Torque Max: 407
  • Torque Min: 177
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