Eagle Taper Edge Band Cost Savings

is the ideal solution for minimized downtime and longer belt life in wallboard forming applications.

Eagle Taper Edge Band on a Gypsum Wallboard Forming Conveyor

Case Study: International Gypsum Manufacturing Company
Application: Gypsum Wallboard (Drywall) Forming Line

Annual Cost Savings: $7,070

  • 35% operation cost savings
  • 97% reduced labor costs
  • Up to 12x longer belt life
  • High heat resistance = no cracks
  • Consistent board impressions, fit and forget installation
Problem:   Calculated Cost Savings
  1. PVC bands last only one to three months and take at least an hour to replace.
  2. PVC bands stretch, requiring weekly inspection and re-tension.
  3. PVC joining method of duct tape results in product loss due to quality concerns.
  Case Study Chart
Solution: Eagle Taper Edge Band  
  1. Eagle Taper Edge Band lasts over 12 months in the same application. Time spent
    on replacements is dramatically reduced.
  2. Negligible band stretch means "fit and forget" installation. No need to spend time re-tensioning and you get the same perfect wallboard impression day after day,
    month after month.
  3. Thermal splicing for a tough, flexible joint, with no product loss.

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