Eagle Taper Edge Band Return Rollers Cost Savings

Return Rollers will provide reduced downtime and longer belt life on wallboard forming lines.

Eagle Taper Edge Band Return Rollers on a Gypsum Wallboard Forming Conveyor

Case Study: Global Gypsum Board Manufacturing Company
Application: Gypsum Wallboard (Drywall) Forming Line

Annual Cost Savings: $20,669

  • 89% in reduced operation costs
  • 96% in reduced labor costs
  • Eliminated downtime costs
  • Up to 6x longer belt life
  • Flexible installation – mounts in various positions
Problem:   Calculated Cost Savings
  1. Taper Edge Bands were in direct contact with metal components on the forming
    line, which caused increased wear on the belts, thus reducing life significantly.
  2. Belts were changed every month on the right hand side and every other month
    on the left hand side.
  Case Study Chart
Solution: Eagle Taper Edge Band Return Rollers  
  1. Eagle Taper Edge Band Return Rollers reduced contact with the metal frame components below the forming conveyor, significantly reducing how quickly
    the belts wear.
  2. Belts are now only changed twice a year.

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