Eagle Red 85 Non-Reinforced CXF Vee

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Eagle Red 85 Non-Reinforced CXF Vee Belting is a co-extruded belt constructed of an 85 A durometer polyurethane base belt and a softer, higher CoF (coefficient of friction) flat 60 A durometer polyurethane top surface. Packaged 100'/30.5m lengths.

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Best Suited For: Conveying applications that require the elasticity of an unreinforced V-belt combined with a higher grip surface. Perfectly suited for carrying lighter loads up an inclined conveyor or any application that needs more grip than an conventional polyurethane V-belt.

Fenner Drives unique dual durometer belts offer strength and load carrying capabilities with the added bonus of the ultra-grip tops. The combination of a tough 85A durometer base and an ultra-grip co-extruded flat 60A top surface gives you the strength and grip that your demanding application needs!

• 60A co-extruded ultra-grip flat top surface
• 85A polyurethane base durometer
• Strength and load carrying capabilities
• RoHS 2002/95/EC Directive Compliant

Our CXF belts have a smooth top surface, as opposed to our CXR belts ribbed top surface. Our integrally bonded tops cannot delaminate leaving you worry and stress free! Fenner Drives Eagle Co-Extruded belting easily outperforms all adhesively bonded special surface belts!

Eagle Red 85 Non-Reinforced CXF Vee belts are easily welded endless in the field with a Fenner Drives Butt Welding Kit.

  • Profile shape: Vee
  • Profile size: A/13, B/17
  • Reinforcement: None
  • Color: Orange, Red
  • Compliancy: RoHS
  • Durometer: 60A, 85A
  • Material: Polyurethane, Polyurethane Top Surface
  • Special Feature: Smooth Ultra-Grip 60A Top Surface
  • Package Length: 100'/30.5m

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