PowerTwist Roller Drive Cost Savings 2

 Roller Drive is the ideal solution for minimized downtime on belt-driven live roller conveyor systems. The proof is in the numbers.


Case Study: Large Retail Department Store Chain (Distribution Center)
Application: Powered Roller Curves

Annual Cost Savings: $453,154

  • Eliminates $4,500 in lost production PER UNIT (102 units total)
  • 89% reduced labor costs due to quicker installation time
  • PowerTwist Roller Drive paid for itself in 7 operating days
Problem:   Calculated Cost Savings
  1. Current belts required replacing every 2 years due to wear and fatigue.
  2. Excessive time in replacement tearing down the conveyor system to replace belts, causing 90 minutes of expensive downtime.
  Case Study Chart
Solution: PowerTwist Roller Drive  
  1. Belt life has doubled to 4 years. The combination of high strength and low elongation under load resulted in increased V-belt longevity and durability.
  2. Easier installation without dismantling idler pulley systems. Belt replacement time was cut by 78% down to 20 minutes.

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