SuperTLink Wedge Belt 3V

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SuperTLink Wedge Belt 3V is a drop-in upgrade for rubber wedge belts, with industry standard power ratings. The polyester/polyurethane composite SuperTLink Wedge belt is a problem solving alternative to conventional rubber V-belts. Reduce your V-belt inventory, expect longer belt life, and install quickly and easily.

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Best Suited For: Nearly any power transmission application designed to use 3V rubber V-belts.

A Longer Lasting Belt SuperTLink Detachable V-Belts are made from a polyester/polyurethane composite. This combination ensures a longer belt life even in the harshest conditions — up to 20 times longer in some applications.

• High resistance to extreme temperatures (-40° to +116°C)
• High resistance to abrasive materials
• High resistance to water, steam, oil and most chemicals
• Longer belt life in harsh operating conditions

  • Profile shape: Vee
  • Profile size: 3V
  • Color: Blue
  • Compliancy: RoHS
  • Material: Composite Polyester/Polyurethane
  • Minimum Pulley Diameter: 2.8", 71mm
  • Top Width: 0.45", 11mm
  • Maximum Ride Height Above Rim: 0.40" (10.0mm)
  • Minimum Ride Height Above Rim: 0.18" (4.6mm)

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