T-Max Tensioners


Take up the Slack… Automatically!

When used in power transmission drives, all V-belts and roller chains will elongate significantly over time if not properly maintained. Incorrect belt or chain tension will lead to increased downtime, lower equipment productivity and inflated maintenance costs. To achieve optimum drive performance, correct drive belt or chain tension must be maintained. The solution? A self-adjusting T-Max Tensioner from Fenner Drives! T-Max automatic tensioners eliminate the need for regular manual retensioning of drives. Avoid the risk of inadvertently over-tensioning drive components and enhance your overall drive operating efficiency.

Combined with a PowerMax idler pulley or chain sprocket from Fenner Drives, an automatic T-Max Tensioner can be used to:

  • Extend the life of critical drive components
  • Reduce system downtime
  • Increase drive efficiency
  • Reduce belt and chain whip on long center drives
  • Ensure drive components do not snag obstructions
  • Reduce resonant frequency of chain drives

T-Max Light Duty Rotary Tensioners allow for easy installation and adjustment with a single bolt feature and come in a variety of sizes and mounting styles. T-Max Light Duty Rotary Tensioners improve performance and extend life for most fixed-center drives. The built-in spring mechanism absorbs momentary overloads and reduces vibration. The RT1000 and RT1600 series are best suited for single groove V-belt drives using 3L, SPZ, A/13 (4L) or B/17 (5L) belts.

T-Max Medium-Duty and Heavy-Duty Rotary Tensioners are our most rugged T-Max Tensioners.  The heavy-duty construction pairs well with heavy load applications. The torsion spring is designed to absorb momentary overloads and reduce vibration. The medium-duty RT3000 series is best suited for single or double groove V-belt drives using A/13 (4L), SPA, B/17 (5L), SPB or 3V and 5V narrow wedge belts. RT4100 and RT4900 series tensioners are designed for use on drives with two to four B/17, SPB or 5V narrow wedge belts or one to two C/22 or SPC cross-section belts. 

T-Max Linear Tensioners offer fully automatic straight-line take up and extended life through improved performance on most fixed-center drives. The single bolt feature offers easy installation and adjustment while the built-in spring mechanism absorbs momentary overload and reduces vibration. Available in a wide range of sizes and mounting styles to fit your unique application!

Please view our product Catalog to see our full offering.

To purchase T-Max Tensioners, please contact our Customer Support Department at +1-800-243-3374 (+44 (0) 870 7577007) or by email and we will be happy to assist you!

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