Trantorque Wood Working OSB Mill Cost Savings

is the ideal solution for minimized downtime and mounting position-sensitive components.
The proof is in the numbers.

Trantorque Units in OSB Mill

Case Study: National Wood Processing Manufacturer
Application: Transfer Line OSB Mill

Annual Cost Savings: $117,868

  • 72% reduced operating costs
  • 100% reduced labor costs
  • 100% reduced downtime costs
  • Virtually eliminated lost production costs
Problem:   Calculated Cost Savings
  1. Unexpected chain breakage occured during peak operations.
  2. Custom sprockets were being destroyed, which was very costly to replace.
  3. Loss of production due to downtime and high labor rates every time a repair
    was needed.
  Case Study Chart
Solution: Trantorque Keyless Bushings  
  1. Easy installation with infinite radial and axial adjustability. 
  2. Chain and sprockets stay in alignment and have no backlash during operation.
  3. No more chain breakage due to sprockets moving along the shaft.
  4. Expensive downtime was virtually eliminated.

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