PowerTwist Wedge Belts combine the performance of rubber belts with additional cost-saving benefits:


  • Easy, Fast Installation
    Easy to use twist-lock design is made to length by hand and installed in minutes, great for captive and fixed center drives
  • Longer Belt Life
    High resistance to abrasion and shock loads, and unaffected by oil, grease, water and extreme temperatures -40°C to +116°C (-40°F to +240°F)
  • Simple Inventory Management
    Less money tied up in spare endless belts; always have the right belt length on hand
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The proof is in the numbers!
Case Study - General Industry

Annual Cost Savings €48,275 ($53,983)

Before:   PowerTwist Link Belting - Proven Value
1. Excess working capital tied up in inventory   Case Study Chart
2. Belt replacement performed every 6 months  
3. Belts stretched and lost efficiency requiring retensioning  
1. Inventory is reduced to a few boxes of PowerTwist and belts are made to the required length on-site.  
2. Life extended to 18 months  
3. PowerTwist does not stretch and does not require retensioning after initial run.  
    67% Reduced Labor Costs


Find out how you can save with PowerTwist Wedge Belts.
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