Baggage Handling System Application

Industry: Airport
Application: Baggage Handling System

Baggage Handling System- SuperTLink

Problem:       Resembling a miniature roller coaster of conveyor routes, the baggage system at the Frankfurt Airport delivers top quality service to its airline and passenger customers from around the globe. Proper maintenance is essential to obtain maximum service-life and efficiency from a chain drive and includes four factors: lubrication, drive alignment, tension and drive component replacement. Angular misalignment undermined the performance of the drive mechanism required to power the conveyor's driverollers in a series of complex curves. Each curve used approximately 10 rollers to meet the required 90 degree bend, with angular displacement between rollers varying from 7 to 9 degrees. The stress of running between angled drives contributed to wear, fatigue and high noise levels. A smooth running system is vital for maintaining its quick transfer times. The downtime caused by the frequent, premature chain failures resulted in more than a few displeased travelers.

Solution:        To keep the baggage handling conveyor moving right along, its drive mechanism was retrofitted to run SuperTLink High Performance Composite V-Belts. Not only did our SuperTLink handle the drive misalignment with ease, system noise was reduced by 40% from 100dB to 60dB. Routine maintenance time was also greatly reduced because unlike chain drives, SuperTLink required zero lubrication. The ease of installation also contributed to a decrease in maintenance time.


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