Glass Processing

Industry: Glass Processing
Application: Glass Conveying

Problem:  Polyurethane extruded belts (typically used in glass conveying) regularly leave stains on the product at the point of contact.  This results in unacceptable rejection rates.  The customer needed a belt that wouldn’t mark the glass, be able to operate in the existing pulleys, and be able to cope with the heavy workload and harsh conditions.     

Solution:  POWERTWIST Move Conveyor Belting. The composite polyester/polyurethane material is virtually impervious to high temperatures, steam, water, and grit from glass dust or shards of glass, and POWERTWIST Move carries the same cross-sections as other V and round belting so no changes were required in the conveying line. And because the material is non-marking, rejection rates fell significantly.  An added benefit was the reduction in belt fitting time and increased belt lifespan. POWERTWIST Move Belting solved all of the customer’s problems and some that they didn’t even realize they had!

Tango Conveyor Belting

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