Metal Processing

Industry: Metal Processing
Application: Metal Conveying

Problem: Premature failure of conventional rubber v-belts due to damage caused by sharp edges and oil in sheet metal conveying is common in any metal processing application.

Solution: Tired of constantly replacing your rubber v-belts?  Expensive? Time consuming? Well, look no further, POWERTWIST Move High Performance Conveyor Belting’s engineered polyester/polyurethane composite powers through the rigors of sheet metal conveying without hesitation!  Because of their resistance to oil, grease, dust, and other common issues, POWERTWIST Move Belting has a longer belt life than your conventional rubber and urethane belts.  These belts also can be made into your required length by hand, in seconds—no tools required!  In addition,PT MOVE belts do not mark or scratch your product and outperform even on the longest center distances.

PowerTwist Plus

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