Fenner Drives Product Lines


PowerTwist Plus

POWERTWIST, NuTLink and SuperTLink HPC V Belts

High performance alternatives to conventional rubber v belts in power transmission applications.

  • Industry standard power ratings
  • Longer belt life
  • Easy installation — no tools required
  • Simplified belt inventory
  • Zero downtime maintenance
Tango Conveyor Belting

POWERTWIST Move Conveyor Belting

High performance alternatives to polyurethane & rubber belts for conveying applications.

  • Easy, fast installation with no welding required
  • Longer belt life
  • Simple Inventory Management


Eagle Polyurethane Belting

Eagle Polyurethane Belting and O-Rings

Reinforced and unreinforced extruded thermoplastic belts in a wide array of profiles, durometers and configurations for conveying and motion transfer applications.

  • Extensive range of styles/designs
  • Medium to heavy duty drives/systems
  • Used extensively in food processing and packaging applications









B-LOC Trantorque Keyless Bushings

Innovative devices to mount pulleys, sprockets and other components to shafts without the use of keys, setscrews, or splines.

  • Mechanical interference fit with uniform pressure
  • True zero backlash shaft-to-hub connection
  • Ability to mount on plain shafting
  • Complete axial and radial adjustability
  • Simple installation, adjustment and removal- even in the field!


T-Max Tensioners

T-Max Belt & Chain Tensioners

A range of rotary and linear spring loaded products that automatically take up the slack in chains and belts as they stretch.

  • Maintain correct belt and chain drive tension
  • Extend the life of critical drive components
  • Reduce system downtime
  • Increase drive and energy efficiency



PowerMax Composite Idler Pulleys & Sprockets

Light weight, high strength alternatives to metal idler pulleys and sprockets. Molded of high strength glass-reinforced nylon.

  • Increased cable or belt life vs. steel or cast iron
  • Precision sealed bearings are greased for life - never need relubrication!
  • Ultra smooth belt groove surface for quiet operation
  • Corrosion resistant- perfect for washdown application!



Trackstar UHMW Belt & Chain Guides

Highly wear resistant guides in a wide variety of profiles and configuration.

  • Available for all industry standard V-, round, flat belts, and single and double pitch chains
  • Two-piece guide and channel design simplifies installation and replacement
  • Standard crowned and flat versions available for use in guide rail systems
  • Produced using only the highest quality virgin black UHMW-PE material to ensure minimum friction and maximum wear resistance
  • In stock and ready to ship- wide variety of standard products in stock!


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