Floor Care Equipment

Industry: Commercial Floor Care
Application: Floor Care Equipment

Problem:         Maintaining correct tension on the V-belt drive in a cleaning/buffing machine can be difficult.  The customer wanted to eliminate the continued maintenance of retensioning the V-belt as it stretched from everyday use and wear.  The customer needed a tensioner that could stand up to the harsh, wet environment caused by the cleaning solutions and water.

Solution:          The T-Max automatic spring-loaded tensioner in combination with a composite PowerMax Idler Pulley maintained the correct tension in the belt.  The tensioner body of the T-Max is constructed of rugged aluminum and has graduated scale marks for setting spring tension.  T-Max automatic tensioners eliminate the need for regular manual retensioning of drives.  The risk of over-tensioning drive components is avoided and overall drive efficiency is enhanced.  The combination of high strength, temperature resistance, and abrasion resistance makes the PowerMax Idler Pulley a perfect fit for this application as well!

T-Max PowerMax

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