Industry: Climate Control
Application: HVAC

Problem:          Maintaining proper V-belt tension in any application is difficult.  Because rubber V-belts elongate with use and wear.  The customer was looking for a way to eliminate this very frequent V-belt maintenance associated with retensioning problems.

Solution:          The combination of Fenner Drives’ T-Max automatic spring-loaded tensioner and Fenner Drives’ PowerMax Idler Pulley solves the problem and saves money in the long run!  This arrangement utilizes the V-groove in the pulley which is held against the belt with a constant force generated by the springs.  The advantage is controlled belt tension over a longer period of time.  The T-Max tensioner and the PowerMax Idler Pulley eliminate the need for manual adjustment, reducing maintenance time and the costs associated with it!  The spring loaded design in the T-Max tensioner maintains correct belt tension automatically, eliminating slip and torque losses associated with loose fitting V-belts, which increases energy efficiency… a win-win situation!

t-Max PowerMax

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