Stump Grinder

Industry: Lawn and Garden
Application: Stump Grinder

Problem:          Maintaining correct belt tension in any application can be difficult.  Add in a harsh environment, and it can be nearly impossible.

Solution:         The impossible becomes possible with the combination of Fenner Drives’ T-Max automatic spring-loaded tensioner and Fenner Drives’ PowerMax Idler Pulley.  The advantage of this arrangement is controlled belt tension over a longer period of time due to the flat idler pulley that is held against the underside of a two-rib banded belt with a constant force generated by the spring in the T-Max tensioner.  This constant correct tension eliminates the need for manual adjustment reducing maintenance time and the costs associated with maintenance.  In addition to the constant tension advantage, both the T-Max automatic spring-loaded tensioner and the PowerMax Idler Pulley perform superbly in the dirty conditions encountered by this equipment.

T-Max PowerMax

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