Forced Convection Ovens

Industry: Electronics Manufacturing
Application: Forced Convection Oven

Problem:          This application requires mounting a chain sprocket to the shaft.  In a forced convection oven, there is a need to time the chain with the shaft, which is a driving screw.  A traditional keyed mount will not allow this.

Solution:          The mechanical shrink fit of a Trantorque Mini Keyless bushing provides exceptional holding power.  The unique single locking nut with its positive lock and release provides precise axial and radial positioning of the chain sprocket on the shaft.  The Trantorque Mini Keyless Bushing provides a zero-backlash frictional connection that will never wear or pound out and can accommodate high-torque, thrust, and/or radial bending loads.  All of Fenner Drives Trantorque units use a single hex nut for speed and simplicity of installation.


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