Theatrical Rigging

Industry: Theatre
Application: Theatrical Rigging

Problem:          Behind the scenes of the performing arts, lighting and other props are moved with theatrical rigging.  This is a combination of many cables, winches, and drums.  A traditional keyed mount was the means of connecting the drums to the shaft.  Keyed mounts have the tendency to wear out quickly causing frequent and costly maintenance.

Solution:          With Fenner Drives’ Trantorque GT Keyless Bushing, you can forget about worn keys, backlash, or wallowed keys! The Trantorque GT units eliminate the need for a key in the shaft which, in turn, eliminates the high cost associated with machining the keyway.  Trantorque GT uses a single locking hex nut that allows for an easy on/off installation, as well as an extremely precise radial and axial positioning.  All of Fenner Drives’ Trantorque products use a mechanical shrink fit to provide exceptional holding power.  Since they are keyless, there is no fretting corrosion that is typically associated with a keyed connection.


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