Gypsum Industry

Industry: Gypsum Wallboard
Application: Hooker Booker

Problem:          Because of the design of a hooker booker, everything is welded together so the shaft must be cut loose in order to service the sprocket and bearing.  Servicing the sprocket and bearing needs to be done periodically to assure optimum performance.  Since the shaft must be cut loose, it then has to be rewelded, this process could cost at least half a day of lost production. 

Solution:          Downtime due to maintenance is necessary but costly.  Fenner Drives Trantorque GT products help minimize downtime while providing exceptional concentricity and the ability to transmit bending loads.  On this specific application, Trantorque GT was installed and the single locking nut made the installation and adjustments extremely simple and time efficient.  Downtime for cleaning went from 4 hours to a mere 20 minutes saving the plant thousands of dollars.


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