Trantorque Installation: Once And Done!

by Senior Applications Engineer Chris Ward

Once and done.

That’s all it takes to install a Trantorque single-nut keyless locking device, says Fenner Drives’ Senior Applications Engineer Chris Ward. And he should know. He’s been working with Trantorque almost since the time it was introduced to the market four decades ago. (See Chris’s post on his first impressions of Trantorque).

Because of the unique single-nut design, Trantorque can be installed with little more than a torque wrench.

It’s also self-centering, settling naturally into the proper alignment as its tightened. Making it much easier to install, compared to alternatives that require multiple touches.

“With Trantorque, tighten it once, and you’re done.”

And Trantorque has several other design advantages.

Infinitely Adjustable

Engineers from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) say they get a large number of complaints that their customers can’t move or adjust hubs or components after they’re mounted using traditional methods like welding or keyways. But, by contrast, Trantorque is easy to disassemble and reinstall.

“Trantorque is infinitely adjustable. If you don't put whatever you're mounting in the right place, you undo it, move it, and tighten it back down again. You can't do that if you've welded it, or you've pressed something onto a shaft.”

In other words, Trantorque is “forgiving”: if it’s not located exactly where it needs to be, it can be quickly removed and reinstalled more precisely.

“Try that with a welded connection, or even a keyway.”

Save Time and Money

All that adds up to a lightning-fast installation that saves time and money. Increasingly, customers are recognizing the advantages of that speed, especially in comparison to other types of hub-to-shaft fastening like welding or cutting keyways.

The only drawbacks? Trantorque cannot go larger than three inches; anything larger would require too much torque to install, with a multi-screw KLD (like Fenner Drives’ B-LOC the best choice). And despite its appearance, it can’t be used as a shaft collar.

“It doesn't work if there's nothing around the outside of it. Some people just want to put it on a shaft and tighten it down like a shaft collar and use it like that. But it doesn't actually work that way.”

The good news? Fenner Drives has a full team of solutions engineers in place to help with custom applications.

Few Problems

Customers have reported very few problems with Trantorques through four decades of use. The main one: failing to tighten a Trantorque adequately.

“The only thing we can’t control is whether a customer installs the unit at the correct installation torque on it.”

Despite the fact that Trantorque has very few competitors among single-nut KLDs, it can be a tough sell for price-conscious customers. But more and more customers are attracted to the installation advantages, especially when they account for the cost of machining a keyway.

Through the years, Chris says, there has been constant interest in keyless locking devices in general and Trantorque in particular.

“It’s probably 35 to 40 percent of our inquiries, and I can’t see that dropping off anytime soon. Especially as more engineers discover the problems with keyways.”

To find out more, visit our Trantorque Keyless Locking Device page. Or, for immediate assistance, call 1-800-243-3374 and ask to speak to customer service or an Application Engineer or complete the contact form.

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