Versatility Is Built Into Trantorque

by Product Supervisor Lee Pfoutz

Most people associated with manufacturing and rotating drives and the internal workings of pieces of industrial equipment are familiar with the problems of keyways.

They also know that those systems need attention, and they sometimes fail. They may also need refurbished. Usually, that means welding the hub and shaft together. Or cutting a new keyway in the shaft.

A Trantorque single-nut keyless locking device can make those problems go away. It does not require welding, cutting, or set screws. It can go over top of the shaft that you want to rotate, and it can be on the drive shaft or on the driven side.

The Trantorque fits inside the hub of the component that you want to drive. And tightens with only a torque wrench. It’s a repair that can happen, literally, in minutes.

“I love that usefulness. That immediacy. That practicality,” says Lee Pfoutz, Production Supervisor. “Over the years, I’ve been astonished at how practical the applications of Trantorque are.”

Practical Applications

Trantorque has been used to solve problems, to allow assemblies, to be put together faster, more accurately, and with greater reliability. Plus, it transmits zero backlash and no additional motion when changing direction.

“We use Trantorque here in our own facility to solve our problems with our equipment as well. It's a wonderful product, very reliable. And I love that people all over the world have come to count on it.”

Thousands of Applications

As a result, millions of Trantorque KLDs have been used in thousands, if not tens of thousands of applications worldwide. From HVAC and materials processing to food and beverage and electronics. On farm and lawn and garden to meat processing and conveying.

But most of all, it’s used in manufacturing, where power needs to be transmitted from a power source, usually a motor-driven shaft, to a work component, like a hub or tool.

It’s practical, adaptable, functional. And it’s even customizable to individual applications.


Over the years, the team at Fenner Drives has adapted and customized Trantorque to meet the unique application demands customers send our way.

They may be looking for more torque, greater speeds, higher temperatures, or even increased resistance to corrosion or adverse environments. And the company has adapted to shafts or hubs of different materials, like aluminum.

Fenner Drives has even created versions with tabs, like wing nuts, to make it easier for lab technicians to use them in a blood centrifuge.

Versatility Programmed In

The ability to customize is built into the company’s rock-solid manufacturing process. After a new product configuration goes through and is approved through the rigorous design confirmation process, Fenner Drives can create a new program for a mill in 1-1.5 hours, and it can go out to the plant floor for manufacturing immediately. (Read more in “Trantorque and the Evolution of World-Class Manufacturing.”)

“There's no special designation pointing it out as a new program. We don’t need that. It just goes right into production. So you can make a new part in programming and get it out on the floor right away. We programmed that ability to customize, that versatility, right into our process.”

That’s Trantorque. It’s adaptable, flexible, customizable, and practical, but most of all, versatile.

To find out more, visit our Trantorque Keyless Locking Device page. Or, for immediate assistance, call 1-800-243-3374 and ask to speak to customer service or an Application Engineer or complete the contact form.

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