Trantorque – The Original

by Product Manager Jerry Whitcomb

For nearly two years, Jerry Whitcomb has been Fenner Drives’ product manager for keyless locking devices (KLDs), including the original Trantorque single-nut keyless locking device. The company was already an industry leader with Trantorque and the industry-favorite B-LOC multi-screw KLDs. It has since expanded its commitment to KLD technology by completing its acquisition of MAV S.p.A., a well-established Italian manufacturer of custom KLDs.

The addition gives Fenner Drives one of the broadest product lines in the industry, with the following lineup:

  • Single-nut Trantorque devices from 1/8 to 3 inches imperial and 3 to 75 mm metric sizes
  • Multi-screw B-LOC KLDs from ¼ to 8 inches (6 to 620 mm metric) with custom sizes available
  • Multi-screw MAV products from 6 to 1000mm and custom sizes to 1600 mm

“Our KLD experience is unmatched. We invented Trantorque. Our B-LOC is the multi-screw KLD of choice in North America. And MAV is well established internationally as the go-to brand for difficult, challenging applications.”

The Original Trangorque

The company has sold an estimated six million Trantorque keyless locking devices since the product was introduced in 1978. Not only did Fenner Drives invent the popular device, but it has also only ever been manufactured in Manheim, PA.

“Think of it. Four decades and counting of mounting components from gears to cams. Timing belt sprockets to conveyor rolls. Climate control fan hubs to grinding wheels. Tying components to power sources and applying energy to accomplish vital tasks.”

These applications need connections that provide exceptional holding power and zero backlash., eliminating the machining and the fretting of keyed devices.

They need to allow infinite flexibility and precise radial and axial positioning. They need to accommodate high torque and radial bending, remain unaffected by starts, stops, and torque reversals, and never wear out or pound out.

For nearly half a century, Trantorque single-nut keyless locking devices have been that go-to device. They have delivered. No alternative has proved to be as flexible, reliable, precise, or tough. They have proved to be almost indestructible and are used in millions of places, in thousands of applications. And, for four decades, they have solved unnumerable challenges.

“The Fenner Drives KLD portfolio is one of the broadest product lines of any KLD manufacturer and has one of the best technical teams available in the industry to solve a broad range of application challenges.”

Over the years, KLDs from Fenner Drives have been used in industries like mining, HVAC/climate control, oil and gas, food processing, medical equipment, and conveying, among others. Those are applications where quality connections are not simply important, they’re critical. And failure means inefficiency, energy loss and poor performance.


In addition to offering the widest range of choices, the company has an unmatched ability to customize KLDs to meet individual requirements.

The Fenner Drives brand team is an incredibly customer-focused collaborative team that works tirelessly to design, produce, and service some of the highest quality products in the industry.

“It’s a great team with many years’ experience building high quality product. There is also a good mix of new blood in the team that can aid in providing fresh, new ideas in our continual improvement efforts. Everyone works very well together.”

Fenner Drives is proud of the success that Trantorque has achieved over the past few decades. So, we’re taking the opportunity to celebrate it. Over the next few months, we’ll give you a behind-the-scenes look at Trantorque. Both its history and the people who made and maintained the Trantorque legacy. Watch for it.

To find out more, visit our Trantorque Keyless Locking Device page. Or, for immediate assistance, call 1-800-243-3374 and ask to speak to customer service or an Application Engineer or complete the contact form.

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