May 17, 2016

Fenner Drives’ New Eagle SureConnect Connector/Polyurethane Belting System: Eliminates Welding, Drastically Cuts Downtime and Labor Costs

Manheim, PA, May 9, 2016 – Eagle SureConnect, an important innovation from Fenner Drives, radically reduces the complexity of installing polyurethane belting – slashing downtime and associated labor costs. The Manheim, Pa. company is an international leader in the supply of value-added, problem-solving products for conveying and power transmission applications.

Countless industrial and manufacturing processes rely on uninterrupted service from conveyors. In the past, broken belts meant lengthy line interruptions while a trained welder carried out repairs and the weld cured, sometimes inadequately. Meanwhile, productivity suffered.

If a belt isn’t adequately welded and cured, premature failure is likely to result. Many lines operate with four or six belts, so the potential for costly downtime is multiplied.

Eagle SureConnect enables lines to be properly repaired and returned to service in approximately five minutes, in contrast to almost 40 minutes with traditional welding. The system relies on a patent-pending flexible connector and unique matching polyurethane belting. Two belt ends are joined together simply by twisting in a threaded connector, providing a strong, consistent, sure connection every time. Because welding isn’t needed, users can save the purchase of welding equipment and eliminate the need to bring in a skilled welder when a conveyor belt breaks. Anyone on the maintenance staff can handle the repair immediately; extensive welding training is not required.

“The Eagle SureConnect takes belt repairs from an art to a science,” said Tyson Gabler, Fenner Drives Product Manager. “Performance-wise, it’s at least as good as the old way of doing things, just as strong and long-lasting. Eagle SureConnect gives the confidence that welds are done right every time.”

The new system has received rigorous flex fatigue, tensile strength and elasticity testing to ensure performance in any standard welded belt application.

A video demonstrating the new product is at For more information on Fenner Drives and all its innovative products, please visit For further details on the time- and money-saving repairs enabled by the Eagle Sure-Connect, call 1-800-243-3374 or email [email protected].

Contact Information: April Hoelscher, Fenner Drives, 717-664-8604,


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