Fenner Women in Science

Fenner Women in Science
A Tale of Aspiration and Achievement

Fenner is proud to showcase two of our awe-inspiring women, each worthy of celebration, for International Day of Women and Girls in Science, and both located at our Boultham, UK manufacturing facility.

As a recent addition to Fenner’s UK R&D department, Saranya Rajendran quickly proved a valued team member. Her vibrant enthusiasm for scientific inquiry is evident in the initiative she takes in a diverse array of roles—from production testing and compliance to providing support on diverse projects.

Reflecting on one of her proudest accomplishments, one cannot help but be impressed. Saranya’s master's thesis sparked a pioneering venture in India where she developed a silica-zinc composite using cow manure. It's precisely the type of ingenuity in problem-solving that Fenner embraces, where environmental stewardship and design engineering can coexist mutually.

Lisa Gill, a model of professional growth, began her career on the manufacturing floor. Her adaptability and hunger for knowledge enabled a seamless transition to the Silicone Hoses team before taking yet another leap that placed her in the role of Laboratory Assistant.

Her invaluable hands-on experience in manufacturing processes cemented her place as an essential participant in the quality assurance of Fenner's celebrated products. Lisa sees her current pursuit of an apprenticeship as a Laboratory Technician as a personal triumph and a testament to lifelong learning. It’s a perspective that comes naturally to any scientific mind.

The Unyielding Pursuit of Excellence

Each step in the careers of Saranya and Lisa is an example of the tenacity and dedication celebrated on International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Saranya, with her advanced analytical expertise, and Lisa, with her real-world skills and experience, have demonstrated their unabashed commitment to revolutionizing the field through their distinct yet complementary roles. Their determination and innovative spirit are a constant source of inspiration, reinforcing our belief in the limitless potential of each team member.

Discover more about how Fenner Precision Polymers champions the role of women in science and find out how you can make your mark, be it by enriching your knowledge through our blog posts or charting a new career path with us. We celebrate your passion and expertise and look forward to welcoming you to our team, where we laud your accomplishments daily.

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