NinjaTek Introduces Chinchilla

NinjaTek® Introduces Chinchilla— A Soft-to-the-Touch TPE Printer Filament with an Ease of 3D Printing That Is Second to None


NinjaTek® Chinchilla has been tested to be skin-safe using EpiDerm Skin Model, making it ideal application material for sports, prosthetics, and wearables

Manheim, Pa. April 12, 2021NinjaTek®, a Fenner Precision Polymers brand, today announced the global release of its new 75A durometer thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) 3D printer filament, Chinchilla. The material, comprised of engineering grade resins and NinjaTek’s proprietary extrusion method, delivers the unprecedented dual advantage of softness and ease of printing. The new TPE printer filament works with both direct drive and Bowden extrusion printers.

“Few filaments in this category yield a finished product as soft and smooth as this one, and fewer still can do it as effortlessly as Chinchilla,” said Sean Gablehouse, Business Manager, NinjaTek. “We’re not just saying that as proud manufacturers. That’s the feedback we have from knowledgeable 3D printing influencers and industrial designers in the field.”

The application possibilities for medical, prosthetics, sports, and fashion wearables are made all the more attractive as a result of Chinchilla’s independent, third-party testing against the Epiderm Skin Model. Created through a combination of several premium TPEs, Chinchilla’s proprietary blend provides rebound, impact resistance, and a durability that yields smoother, longer-lasting printed parts. It is NinjaTek’s exclusive technology that delivers a low-tack, easy-to-feed texture.

Enthusiasts from DIY 3D hobbyists to industrial designers will see Chinchilla as an on-demand product. Whether for printing life-like, surgical organs for medical education, creating a new level of protective sports equipment, or designing comfortable, fabric-feel products, Chinchilla has the versatility to meet each of these needs and more.


Timed in conjunction with the release of Chinchilla, NinjaTek also launched an all-new website. The new home for the family of NinjaTek products is now a great educational resource for anyone interested in learning more about the 3D printing industry and craft. Visitors will find primers on the various types of filaments and printing methods. They will also learn about 3D printing innovation across various industries like aerospace, automotive, healthcare, and more.

A newly upgraded Shop link makes it easier to purchase printer filaments. All NinjaTek products, including Chinchilla, are available for purchase via the Shop link in various size and color options. The new website also features an active Community where hobbyists have an opportunity to share their projects, learnings, and expertise with others. Access to project case studies and the latest news about NinjaTek are available here as well.


NinjaTek is proud to showcase fan creativity. To do so it will launch a Chinchilla 3D printing contest beginning May 1, 2021. Participants must submit a picture and/or video of a creation made from the new Chinchilla 3D filament. The deadline for submissions is July 31, 2021. Winners will be announced August 16, 2021 and notified by e-mail. To register follow this link: Register Now!


NinjaTek® is the 3D printing materials division of Fenner Drives. With a focus on high-performance materials, NinjaTek leverages the ISO 9001 certified production capabilities of Fenner Drives to create and manufacture high quality 3D printing materials.


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