OCT. 17, 2014

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Silver and Gold Color Options Expand Creativity; New Website Offers Specs, Ideas and More

            MANHEIM, Pa. — Sept. 3, 2014 — Designers, engineers and hobbyists continue to inspire the 3D printing industry with their imaginative designs using NinjaFlex®, an innovative thermoplastic elastomer 3D printer filament. To meet growing product demand and offer more design options than before, Fenner Drives®, maker of NinjaFlex, is launching two metallic colors and a comprehensive new NinjaFlex website.

Silver and Gold

Users can now choose from two metallic colors: Silver, launching today, and Gold, which will be available in October. These two new metallic colors will have the same flexibility and strength the NinjaFlex product line is known for. NinjaFlex’s nine other existing color options include: Snow, Fire, Midnight, Sapphire, Lava, Flamingo, Grass, Sun and Water (for semi-transparent applications). All NinjaFlex filaments, available in 1.75mm and 3mm diameters, are made in the USA and stocked in England for international order fulfillment.

“After the success of the colors introduced last February, we are even more excited to see what the new metallic colors will inspire our customers to create,” said Erica Fingar, NinjaFlex product manager.

NinjaFlex Online Resource

NinjaFlex3D.com, Fenner Drives’ new NinjaFlex website, provides additional information to help users achieve optimal results. Visitors to the site can find detailed technical specifications; projects to inspire other ideas; and case studies on how NinjaFlex’s unique properties have created exceptional 3D-printed items.

The new website, launched Sept. 2, 2014, also provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and information among 3D printing enthusiasts. This part of the website was designed for users who want to share inspirations, discuss creations and gain feedback from other NinjaFlex users.

            “We wanted to provide our customers with the depth of technical information their projects require as well as tips on achieving optimal prints with NinjaFlex,” Fingar said. “Our new site will provide those helpful resources as well as a platform for sharing ideas and insights.”

NinjaFlex in Action

NinjaFlex filament can be used in a wide array of applications ranging from high heels by designer Michele Badia, aptly dubbed Aphrodite, as they are inspired by the Greek goddess, to wearable HD goggles designed by Adafruit. NinjaFlex also has been proven to provide a unique solution for improving quality of life for animals such as Quack-Quack, a duck who was outfitted with a leg brace to help him walk after his foot didn’t form properly.

NinjaFlex has been leveraged in other scientific applications such as the helmet liner used for an exoskeleton featured in a demonstration at the 2014 FIFA World Cup opening ceremony.  Wearing a custom-fit exoskeleton with a special helmet, a paralyzed person walked onto the field and kicked the ceremonial ball. To accomplish this futuristic feat, the kicker drove the movement with his mind, and the bionic exoskeleton did the rest. This truly transformational work is being done by Miguel A.L. Nicolelis, MD, PhD, of Duke University, a Brazil native, and neuroscientist who is part of the Walk Again Project.

To make the helmet, connecting the user’s brain to the exoskeleton, project engineers first 3D-scanned the patient’s head. Then, partners at Colorado State University used LulzBot TAZ 3D printers to create a functional 3D model out of the flexible NinjaFlex filament. Three-dimensional printing allows the team to make and improve models constantly. It is a complex process but this now-affordable technology helps research scientists save time and money. The final product — a white, pliable, custom-fit liner — took 58 hours and 38 minutes to print.

In addition, NinjaFlex has also been used in bike handle grips, flexible wearables and stamps for bike tires. The range of design options continues to grow and inspire the 3D industry.

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